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Nature and its organic forms influences my work. I am captivated by the intricate patterns and textures found in the natural world, from the delicate petals of a flower to the gnarled bark of an ancient tree. I try to capture the essence of these elements in my drawings, infusing them with a sense of vitality and reverence. In doing so, I hope to remind viewers of the interconnectedness between humans and nature and inspire a renewed appreciation for the fragile beauty that surrounds us.

In my creative process, I often use a combination of observation and imagination. While I draw inspiration from the world around me, I also allow my subconscious to guide the development of each drawing. This interplay between reality and imagination gives rise to dreamlike, surreal landscapes that blur the boundaries between known and the unknown, the tangible and the intangible. Through this blending of elements, I invite viewers to embark on a visual journey, where familiar motifs become symbols of personal introspection and reflection.

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